Plantagenet Batting Gloves

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New for 2020

Calf Leather Palm- PU+ Back of Hand- HD Foam and Fibre Finger Rolls- HD Foam Back of Hand Filling- Multi Section Back of Hand- Soft-Fill Comfort- Comfort Lining- Two-Piece Thumb- Side Bar Protection- Double Sided Sweatband

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Mens R/H, Mens L/H, Outsize Mens R/H, Outsize Mens L/H

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  1. :

    Hi Gary ad Simon

    Just a quick note to say thanks for extending Alex’s Choice Willow sponsorship deal. He is delighted with the new bat, gloves and rucksack, also thanks for fixing his old bat which I hope he won’t be bringing I back to you soon!

    Gary, as we discussed a couple of weeks ago, Alex is now with Leicestershire in their academy and on the 9th of April is their “Press Day”, when he will have his photo taken and be officially listed on their web site. You mentioned that you were going to work on your social media presence, so if you would like to link to his profile or use photos etc. please let me know and will get clearance from their media manager. If you also want to use him for any other promotional activity, please give me a call.

    Alex has been using Choice bats and kit since he got into the Bedfordshire Youth set up ( 9 years ago), so even though he has been tempted to use other manufactures kit he would rather still keep using your equipment.

    Thanks again and kind regards


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