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England’s longest ruling dynasty the Plantagenet’s were infamous Kings! Richard the Lionheart was fond of quoting the family legend ” From the Devil we sprang and to the Devil we shall go”.

Under the Plantagenet’s England was transformed,a distinct national identity would form,however luck would run out on the bloody battlefields of the Wars of the Roses and a new Tudor Dynasty would carry on the legacy of the Plantagenet’s.

Hundreds of years later the Plantagenet lions continue to symbolise a 21st century monarchy.


Choice Willow bespoke handcrafted bats carry on the English bat making tradition of the willow being grown and then the bat made in this country.

All Choice Willow handcrafted adult and Limited edition junior bats are from top quality Grade 1 English Willow. The willow is supplied by J S Wright & Sons who have been supplying English Willow to bat makers around the world since 1854. In keeping with this tradition we use the same methods that have been passed on for decades.

Handcrafted by our master bat maker. He or our staff will help you through the process of deciding what weight, size pickup and handle shape needed to suit your style of play. He then will craft and balance each piece of willow to the quality product that you require.

  • Designed  to unleash the ferocious power and flamboyance of big hitters
  • Superbly balanced with a big spine
  • Natural bleached wood
  • Handle styled to your preference
  • Toe Strenghening Insert (TSI)
  • Individually handcrafted to your specific requirements

L.E GRADE WILLOW: RRP  £655   CCC £460

The best narrow grain timber used by test players throughout the world. The L.E grade comes with a 1 year free winter service.


Top grade timber with 7 – 9 grains. Universally reconised  as one of the best. The Test grade comes with a 1 year free winter service.


Durability and performance with 6 – 7 grains

There are many views surrounding grains on a cricket bat. Generally speaking though, the number of grains on a cricket bat is something that can be left to the discretion of the individual. The number of grains will often differ from bat to bat. A cricket bat between 6 and 12 grains is a good indicator of quality willow. Cricket bats with 6 grains, for example, are likely to be slightly softer than 10-12 grains and therefore take longer to knock-in and reach optimal performance initially. However, please note there are some extremely good premium range bats with lower grains.


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Bat Size

Short Handle, Long Handle, Long Blade, Mini Handle

Weight Range

2lb 7oz, 2lb 8oz, 2lb 9oz, 2lb 10oz, 2lb 11oz, 2lb 12oz, 2lb 13oz, 2lb 14oz, 2lb 15oz, 3lb+

Willow Grade

Pro, Test, L.E.


No Thanks, Yes Please


1 Grip, 2 Grips

Handle Shape

Oval, Round, Standard Oval


Bottom Heavy – Front Foot Player, Light Pickup – Pull and Cut, Standard Pickup – All Round Player

TSI (Toe strengthening insert)

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Knocking In Service

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3 reviews for Choice Willow Plantagenet

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hi Gary,

    Just received my new bat. Thank you for sending it through, it looks and feels lovely and I can’t wait to start using it.

    As discussed when I visited your site I would like you to tart up (glue, sand, anti-scuff, grips etc) my old bat so that I can use it as a spare. If you could also replace the old GM stickers with your own that would be great, I’d like the Agincourt stickers with two grips, the outer one being mainly black and a bit of red.

    I’ve sent my old bat to you today by Parcelforce so it should be with you by Monday.

    If you let me know how much it is I’ll either transfer the money direct into your account if you give me the details, or I’ll call and pay by card.

    Once again thanks for your help.



  2. :

    Hi Gary ad Simon

    Just a quick note to say thanks for extending Alex’s Choice Willow sponsorship deal. He is delighted with the new bat, gloves and rucksack, also thanks for fixing his old bat which I hope he won’t be bringing I back to you soon!

    Gary, as we discussed a couple of weeks ago, Alex is now with Leicestershire in their academy and on the 9th of April is their “Press Day”, when he will have his photo taken and be officially listed on their web site. You mentioned that you were going to work on your social media presence, so if you would like to link to his profile or use photos etc. please let me know and will get clearance from their media manager. If you also want to use him for any other promotional activity, please give me a call.

    Alex has been using Choice bats and kit since he got into the Bedfordshire Youth set up ( 9 years ago), so even though he has been tempted to use other manufactures kit he would rather still keep using your equipment.

    Thanks again and kind regards


  3. 5 out of 5


    Hi Simon,

    I would like to thank you again for such great service from Choice and my equipment is perfect!

    I have shown my kit to Dan from CM Cricket (new cricket shop in Leicestershire) who is really impressed with the quality of the kit and he is interested in stocking some Choice kit in the new cricket shop.

    I have copied him into this email as I think the Choice bats and equipment would do really well in the shop.

    I look forward to hearing from you and I hope to visit the Choice Cricket Centre at some point this season,

    Thanks again,


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